Sustainability & Recycling

Wherever possible we use ecologically friendly products and packaging.

Where possible we look to specify and utilise recycled and recyclable materials. Working with manufacturers who are constantly striving to improve production processes from both an economic and ecologic point of view. Using secondary materials involves substantial energy savings when compared with primary production.

We work with manufacturers who devise new strategies that encourage and develop environmentally friendly production with minimum impact on the environment.

Where we use particle-board panels, these belong to class E1 regarding the emission of formaldehyde, meeting and exceeding the strict requirements of standard on formaldehyde emissions and are made from recycled material.

Where we use solid wood, we always seek to use renewable raw material which do not damage the ecosystem.

Manufacturers of the products we use hold various certification of their environmental credentials including (but not limited to) FSC chain of custody, ISO 14001, FIRA & FISP Certification.



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