Furniture space planning and optimisation; where we evaluate how you use your space, current working practices, inter-departmental relationships and work flow, to what your business needs are, growth plans and evolving the way you work to facilitate collaborative and agile working.

Furniture specification and installation;

Reception areas; bespoke reception desks and seating.
Office desks; Seating offering comfort and support facilitating flexible working in a modern office; flexible working solutions,
Soft Furnishings offering Luxury, Style and Sophistication;
Meeting Spaces; Pods, Booths, Informal meeting areas.
Break-out areas; to relax, eat, drink and have informal meetings
Storage solutions; Storagewall; Lockers; Hot-storage
Workplace accessories such as task lighting and not forgetting cable management and privacy screens.

We are constantly researching new designs and innovations in furniture and finishes and include award winning designs within our portfolio.

Our supply partners are primarily from the UK and Italy and offer high quality, stylish and comfortable solutions backed up by a minimum 5 year warranty from our regular partners.

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