OVO – Terminal 2

Terminal Warehouse, built in the early 1800s as the terminus of the Sheffield and Tinsley canal. The ground floor is open plan with the canal running straight through it – a perfect opportunity to do something different with the space. Ovo Spaces, The Terminal Warehouse, Victoria Quays consists of 3 elements.

Terminal 1 – Ovo Spaces office
Terminal 2 – Ovo Spaces interactive showroom / business events venue
Victoria – The Barge

Terminal 2 is our interactive furniture showroom and business events venue. 

About the project

What we wanted:

  • To create an interactive showroom / business events venue.
  • As a creative and innovative company we needed flexibility to expand our business and to stand out.  
  • A space that was unique and quirky.

What we did:

  • Recycled and upcycled furniture –  including the original warehouse doors upcycled into adjustable, movable tables for collaborative working, events or functions.
  • Restored and left the original warehouse brickwork and iron beam structure exposed.

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